Our SS21 collection is inspired by women who inspire and showcases a unique array of beautiful creations that pay homage to the modern muse, to yesterday’s muse and to all the muses still waiting in the wings. The muses of old were the inspirational goddesses of the arts, science and literature. Who is your muse? Whose muse are you? In collaboration with artist Lidia Masllorens we are proud to bring you this exciting, eclectic, and magical collection.

We are proud to present Annother Muse.

Ink drops dance on swirls of viscose silk, brushstrokes breathe new life to raw canvas fabrics and a face takes form on the body of Annother Muse. Raw hessian corsets bring an element of surprise to classic organic cotton and linen oversize dresses with beautiful, gathered sleeve details. Hand-woven Khadi cotton and ecru raw linen shirts bring an element of the debonair to any occasion, while flighty, feminine fan-shaped tulle dresses create voluptuous volumes and layers. All of our garments are small works of art, designed to be experimented with, to be mixed and matched to suit your personality and to enhance the muse within. Built on sustainable principles we source fabrics close to our production base in Barcelona and strive to minimalize our environmental impact wherever possible.

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