FW19 The Makers

Our collection ‘The Makers’ celebrates the artist, the maker and the creator in all of us, past, present and future. Our beautifully crafted, tailor-madepieces in cotton tweed, canvas and neoprene are timeless but playful designs, full of surprise details and made with much love. Our canvas work-wear, structured apron dresses and dungarees, are a nod to all the apprentices, to their masters and to their craft. Romantic red-striped hessian skirts swing freely alongside fitted jackets and oversized, layered pieces in wool, linen and chunky knit fabrics. Soft camel and ochre shades combine with creams and blacks to be shown off underneath transpar ent, rainy day pieces. Once again we invite you to play around with our garments, to mix and match and complement them with one of our flamboyant accessories and most of all to simply enjoy them.

Let me tell you a tale about THE MAKER , the MASTERPIECE and the LITTLE APPRENTICE, 
not forgetting the creation itself..



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